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Things You Need To Know About Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is currently in a state of humanitarian crisis. The most severe cholera outbreak in the world has claimed thousands of lives and left millions more sick. Hunger strikes continue throughout Yemen, where people are protesting against their oppression by the government. They are accused of launching unrestrained bombing campaigns to destroy the areas of rebels without considering civilians or infrastructure areas.

16 million people suffer from hunger each day in Yemen and, with the health system having essentially collapsed thanks to more than seven decades of war There’s no one that they can go to. With no help aside from their homes, dead or alive COVID19 virus victims are wasting away due to the fact that medical professionals don’t have access within their communities anymore; Too engaged in fighting each other rather than focusing on saving lives.

The country’s squalid conditions have made it a perfect breeding environment for HIV-related sexual transmittance. 4 million people are living in poverty and have no homes to call their own. The cost of food continues to rise and wages are still at a low level. This means that the money can be used for essential necessities like drinking water that is safe and health care. It’s because of this that the pandemic isn’t managed without international help. But, it’s crucial to act quickly before it’s too late.

The Yemenite people have been fighting against the spread of Cholera for quite a while in the past, but they’re not entirely safe yet. It seems there is some chance of survival with the assistance of international organisations like Save The Children US and World Vision UK, along with COVID-19.

What Welfare Trusts can be used to aid Yemenis

These trusts have the capacity to provide water and food to millions in an era of immense suffering. They also supply COVID-19 health kits, which can help keep people from contracting this infection that has killed numerous people in Yemen already.

In Yemen, welfare trusts have been working with a lot of energy over the last few years to assist those most in need. They continue to provide humanitarian assistance in extremely difficult circumstances, where they have to contend with conflict and difficulties reaching their desired locations which is one of the reasons why there’s such a need for international organizations that can provide similar services.

We are grateful that assistance is on hand in a time where many are struggling to make ends to meet. Partnering with local organizations and distributing cash and food so people can buy essential items while helping the economy, we hope to get to a reduction in hunger, or at a minimum, closer than before.

Numerous generous donors have donated their time and funds to provide women in Yemen an opportunity to start anew life. Maternity hospitals, which are a welfare trust, get charitable donations to ensure that every woman can deliver safely without suffering from illness or dehydration when laboring. Rehabilitation facilities provide after-birth support and medication to mothers before they return to society.

As a result of COVID-19, a number of welfare trusts have started to provide hygiene kits to families who live in camp sites, and safe water so it is available at public facilities like schools or hospitals.

For more information, click yemen appeal

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