Independence Day Health Belgium’s independence day spaceship flies over Barbados

Belgium’s independence day spaceship flies over Barbados

The Belgium Independence Day Spacecraft will take off from the airport in Brussels on Tuesday, its crew of six on board and heading toward Barbado.

The rocket, named the Space Shuttle Challenger, will fly in a convoy of five SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket stages, and the entire journey will take about four hours.

The mission marks the first time a private rocket has flown to a foreign country.

The space shuttle Atlantis left Cape Canaveral in July 1999 for Barbada.

The launch, a major success for SpaceX, was widely regarded as the first private rocket to fly to space.

But Barbadan President Ndungu Kebede said he didn’t think it would be successful because of the country’s political situation.

He said it would take about two months to get to Barbadia.

“I do not know if it will succeed, because we do not have the resources,” Kebedes said, according to a local newspaper.

“But we are prepared.”

Kebde also said the project was a challenge.

“We are a poor country, but we have the money and we have a big population.

I do not think we have any problem with money,” he said.

“The rocket is a big step, and it is going to bring the country to the top of the world.

But the country will have to get the necessary funds.”