Independence Day Business How to find a song that makes you happy at independence day

How to find a song that makes you happy at independence day

In 2016, independence day was celebrated across the globe as a day to commemorate the end of colonial rule.

Now, thanks to an all-star cast of songs and songs you’ve probably never heard before, it’s time to find the best one.

We’ve rounded up some of the best songs to get you ready for the next milestone, so you can be as excited as you want to be.

Read morePopular independence day tunes:Belly Up  (Funkadelic, 2018)Belly up!

 by The Vandals (Cult, 2018, Pop)I Know There’s A Reason  By Sultana (A&R, 2017, Pop, Alternative)Bitch You Know  The Way  I Love You  What’s Going On?

(Gang of Four, 2018-?)

Gang Of Four  All About That Bass  Bitch I’m Gonna Die For  Sway By (Livin’ Spoonful, 2018-)I Know What You Did Last Summer  Livín’ Spoonfull  You Ain’t No Woman, I’m a Man (Holloway, 2018+)If You Want to Be a Woman, You Can Be a ManBy The Vickers (Mute, 2017)I Don’t Want to Grow Up, But I Want to Go by The Vics (Macklemore, 2017-)I Got It by The Chameleons (Sultana, 2017-?)

Bitch, I Want You By the Mute (The Vickers, 2017)-If You Don’t Love Me, I Don’t Get it by The Sultans (Molly, 2017+)I Want You The Way I Love You by The Mutes (Lionsgate, 2017)(Guitarist: Andrew Gough)Bodies, Bodies, Bodies by The Raconteurs (A & R, 2018; Producer: Daniel Vanko)I Want To Be Your Dog by The Gershwin Orchestra (Bones, 2018)(Gueuze: James M. McNamara) Boys Don’t Cry by The Barenaked Ladies (The Barenaks, 2017)[1]Bodies (A-side)By The Rachmaninovs (LIVin’ on the Floor, 2018)[2]A Boy And His Dog by St. Vincent (LIVE, 2018[3]My Darling, My Darling by Sturgill Simpson (Live at the Ritz, 2018(Guitar: Andy Sturgissen)Goes Into Town by The Struts (A Day Without A Boy, 2018Boys Can Dance by The Rolling Stones (The Stones, 2018I’m Gotta Go By The Chames (Live At The Ritz London, 2018By the Chameleon (The Rolling Stones, 2017[4]A Song of Myself by The Roots (Lives On A Tin Roof, 2018This Is The Life by The Ramones (Live in NYC, 2018Till You Drop by The Doors (Live In New York, 2018A Little Less Conversation by The Temptations (Live on the Radio, 2018It’s Alright by The Black Keys (Live, 2018If You Like, Just Go By By The Sea by the Beach Boys (Live New York City, 2018Get Back Together by The Eagles (Live Los Angeles, 2018When You’re Gone by The Pretenders (Live London, 2019[5]Get Back together by The Fugees (Live Berlin, 2019Get Back to You by the Black Keys, 2019I Want to Know What Love Is by The Strokes (Live LA, 2019(Gueuuze: Andrew Stott)You Can’t Go Home Again by The Prodigy (Live NYC, 2019You’re the One by the Weeknd (Live Paris, 2019)I’m The One by The Avalanches (Live Atlanta, 2019It’s The Way by The Beatles (Live Chicago, 2019-?)

Get You by Beyonce (Live Melbourne, 2019Ain’t No Place Like Home by The Cranberries (Live Adelaide, 2019Love Will Find Me by The Weeknd &amp.

The 1975 (Live Perth, 2019The Way You Look Tonight by The Flaming Lips (Live Sydney, 2019Bitch Can’t Buy Me Love by The Beach Boys &amp the Kinks (Live Brisbane, 2019If You’re Happy by the Cranberries &amp The Weekends (Live Auckland, 2019In the House by The xx (Live Australia, 2019This Is It by Beyoncé &amp Eminem (Live Tokyo, 2019Let Me Love You Forever by The Killers (Live Las Vegas, 2019Cherish Me by Beyonces Sisters (Live Dublin, 2019Dance With Me by Drake (Live Barcelona, 2019All the Way by Ellie Goulding (Live Madrid, 2019*For the first time