Independence Day Download How a video is the perfect political advertisement, and why you should care

How a video is the perfect political advertisement, and why you should care

I think the best way to put this is that independence day is a perfect political ad.

It is a holiday where the people of this country celebrate independence, they are celebrating their own country and they are saying: “we want to be independent of the United Kingdom.”

And that’s the best political ad I think I’ve seen.

It’s a good message that’s been in the news and has been on the front page of newspapers around the world for the last year or so.

If you watch it on TV, it’s actually pretty funny.

The video is just really funny and you really see how the whole country is cheering and the whole nation is celebrating, even the small towns.

The way it’s done is the government is just in the background, the whole video is sort of an animated cartoon of the independence day crowd and the BBC crew, who are really nice, talking to the people and trying to make the video as funny as possible, but also making sure the people aren’t offended.

So, this is the way to do it, and that’s what I think is really important in the independence celebration.

There are some people who might be unhappy about that, but that’s just the way the world works, you know?

I think what I was talking about earlier, the way that Independence Day was portrayed by the British government was just awful.

And I think it’s the same thing here.

There is a big difference in the way independence is portrayed in the United States and the way it is portrayed here.

In the United King, the king is the ultimate authority.

He’s supposed to be the ultimate representative of the people.

And the United Nations is supposed to represent the people, the world.

So the independence celebrations have to be inclusive and inclusive of all of the different people in this country.

They can’t be dominated by the one man or a small group of people.

They have to celebrate everyone and everyone has to participate.

And that is why it’s so important to make sure that independence is inclusive and also inclusive of everybody.

So what you want to do in this video is give the people who have taken part in the celebration of independence the best of the traditions that they love and the traditions they need to celebrate, and the tradition that has helped the British Government to build the United State of the British Empire, to build an empire that has lasted a thousand years and has won every single battle.

And in this respect, you can see that it’s really important to be proud of that.

It shouldn’t be the people or the people’s representatives who are making the decisions, but the people themselves, and so that’s why you can actually see the British flag and the British Union flag.

They’re there, so it’s an iconic image.

That’s why it was important to celebrate the independence holiday with a video like this.

The other thing that is important is that the people are proud of their country.

That is one of the core beliefs that they hold and so it really is a time when they are really proud to be British.

And so they’re really, really proud of what they’re doing and it’s a time of celebration, it really shows that people are happy to celebrate their country, it shows that they’re proud of themselves and it shows the world that they are proud to do this.