Independence Day Featured Swedish independence day is coming: Facebook

Swedish independence day is coming: Facebook

Swedish independence Day is coming!

A Swedish Facebook page has posted a video of Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and the country’s Chief Justice, Margret Olsson, reading from a declaration to celebrate independence.

The page, titled ‘Sweden Independence Day’ (Free Independence Day), says that Sweden is now “free” of all ties with the EU.

“This is an historic moment.

It’s a great day, it’s a day for Sweden,” Olsson said, referring to the Swedish government’s move to formalise the countrys independence.

“We will be able to decide our own destiny.”

Independence Day has been a rallying cry for Swedish nationalists, who say it marks a return to Swedish democracy.

Olsson has said he is ready to take power from the country when his term expires in 2019.

The Prime Minister said in a video posted on Facebook that the government will hold a referendum on whether to formalize the countryas independence in 2019, with the outcome expected to be a yes or no vote.

Olasvein said that his government is committed to establishing a constitutional framework to implement the referendum, but the government needs to work through the EU, and is working with the European Commission on the issue.

The European Commission, which oversees the EU’s rules of the road, has been in talks with Sweden on the matter, according to the Facebook post.

The Commission is expected to make a final decision by the end of the year.

Olsvein also said that the decision to formalify Sweden’s independence has been made on a “need to know basis”, but that the Swedish people have been invited to weigh in on the subject.