Independence Day Business Women’s independence day fashion: India’s top designer says the country needs to ‘dance like women’

Women’s independence day fashion: India’s top designer says the country needs to ‘dance like women’

India’s fashion sector has become a hot topic for fashion brands, and one of them is a designer with a long history of pushing for female empowerment.

Durga Shree, who has worked with brands like Nike, Uniqlo and Christian Louboutin, said the country is in need of a change in its culture.

“It is not the first time I’ve been speaking about the issue of female empowerment but it is the first that has come up in a global fashion show,” Shree said in an interview with India Today.

“Women, it is not about ‘we’ but about the whole of us.”

A woman is someone who wants to live in a better world and the more a society sees her, the better.

She has to dance like a woman, she has to look like a female, she needs to act like a male.

“This country has always been about equality and that is what it is about now,” she added.

Shree, an Indian-born woman, first made headlines in 2014 when she took part in a “Women in Fashion” workshop at Nike India.

At the time, she was working on the fashion line for Uniql, a brand that prides itself on diversity and inclusion.

Shrees success in fashion was due in part to her stance on the issue, but her views on how the fashion industry can change in the country have been largely overlooked.

In an interview on India Today, she said that a woman should not just be judged based on her body but on her character.

“The way we are today, if you have an open mind, you can see the world in a different light,” she said.

Shri was one of the first female designers to make a fashion show, and in her recent film, “Kumbh Mela” (The Light of Hope), she speaks out against a culture that has been “a big part of the way we think and dress.”

Shree is not alone in her views.

In her documentary, “Durga,” she argues that a fashion designer’s role should be to “move the consumer to the right place.”

“I would love to see fashion be a safe space for people to be comfortable,” Shrees said.

“I want to see this as a fashion revolution that moves people to have the same lifestyle as everyone else.”

Shri is not a stranger to fashion either.

In 2013, she won the “Million Dollar Fashion Awards” for the “Women’s Fashion” series.

The fashion show went on to be a success, and she won her first international design award.

Shree also was on the show that year.

Shrees success in the fashion world is not without its challenges, however.

She said that fashion is “not a good place” to start.

“You can’t take a risk without a good deal of risk,” she told India Today about the “fashion revolution.”

“We need to get rid of all the rules and regulations that are restricting the consumer,” Shrees added.

She has also spoken out about her work in India.

Shreesh said that while her work has been good, the fashion sector needs to be more inclusive of people of color.

“If we can be more diverse in the industry, then it is a good thing,” Shri said.

“But we need to be really inclusive and work towards being more diverse.”

She also noted that she wants the fashion industries to be “the most inclusive place to work and be a part of.”

“It will be different for each individual, but if you are doing your best, then the rest will follow,” she explained.

“You can do your best and you can do it without being in the wrong place.”