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The best songs of 2017

More than a million people have turned out for the independence day celebrations in Catalonia in the most popular event of the year.

More than two million people attended the event on Sunday in Barcelona, Spain, the capital.

It’s been the event’s biggest ever gathering and organisers say it has attracted millions of tourists from around the world.

The Catalan government has declared the independence referendum on Sept. 1 a success and has vowed to hold it on Oct. 1.

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El País, Spain’s President Josep Maria Bartomeu said Catalonia was a “safe place” in which to host a referendum and called on the Catalan government to respect its citizens’ rights.

The country’s main opposition party, Podemos, called on Catalans to “not be intimidated by the threats of the right-wing, and we are determined to do everything possible to ensure that there is no violence or intimidation.”