Independence Day Business Iran to hold independence day for the region of Iraq in two days

Iran to hold independence day for the region of Iraq in two days

Iran plans to hold a second independence day on Wednesday in the northern city of Arbil in two separate events, Iranian media reported.

The Islamic Republic of Iran announced that Iran will hold a “national celebration” for the nation in Arbil on Wednesday and also announced that Iraq will observe the day “in the spirit of brotherhood and brotherhoods.”

Iranian state TV carried the news on its official news channel, IRNA, and also cited the foreign ministry as saying that “Iran is ready to share the day with Iraq and the neighboring countries.”

The announcement comes after Iran and the United States agreed to a series of measures that were intended to limit Iran’s influence in the region and reduce tensions with the United Kingdom, France and Israel.

The U.S. has long accused Iran of destabilizing Iraq and has said it will continue to target Iranian-backed Shiite militias and other elements of the Iraqi government.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday called on its neighbors to take a “sustained, firm and steadfast” stance on Iraq, where the United Nations has warned of a “genocide” in the country, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported.

On Monday, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced they would mark Iran’s “national independence day” with demonstrations.

The United States and Israel have been working on a possible diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Iraq since late 2015.

Iranian officials have said they will not allow Iran to use the Iraq conflict as an excuse to invade other countries in the Middle East.

Iran, which shares borders with Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, has maintained close ties with Baghdad in the past, including in recent years hosting Iranian nationals and business in Iraq.

Iran is also the birthplace of former President Saddam Hussein.