Independence Day Business How to Get Away with Murder, by Martin Scorsese

How to Get Away with Murder, by Martin Scorsese

Original independence day movie, Martin Scoring is an American filmmaker who directed the 2011 documentary How to get away with murder, starring Will Smith.

He also produced and directed the 2014 film, The Longest Day, which starred Bradley Cooper.

The film was produced by Scorsse, and co-starring Scorse, Amy Adams and Amy Brenneman, is the third in a trilogy of films.

Scorses production company, Bully Films, released the film in the US on November 11.

The movie is the latest in the Scorsses long-running project with the American Film Institute, a division of the Motion Picture Association of America.

In a statement, B-list celebrities including Tom Cruise, James Franco and Charlize Theron said they enjoyed the film.

“As a nation, we celebrate independence, but not on November 1,” the statement read.

“It’s time for us to step back and take a deep breath and appreciate how the US has been a country we’ve never known before.”