Independence Day Business How to Celebrate Jamaica Independence Day

How to Celebrate Jamaica Independence Day

Jamaican Independence Day marks the day Jamaica officially became independent from Britain in 1962.

Here are the songs and melodies that have inspired the independence movement.


JUBA – “The Sun’s Coming Up” (via Bandcamp) “The sun is coming up / the stars are shining / the wind is blowing / the world is changing / there’s no end to the world.”

– Jamaican independence day anthem “The star has risen / the moon has set / the rain has come down / and the sun is shining / all the changes are happening / no end is in sight.”


JAZZ – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” (from JAZZA: The Album) “Aine me nyam och och röst” (I am not the only one) “You can’t go through life without breaking a few things / and breaking some things you can’t break.”

– The song is a nod to the American war on drugs and the country’s struggle to decriminalize marijuana use.


RENO – “I Want to Break Free” (by JAY Z) “I want to break free / I want to be free / And if you want me to go / I’ll go / And I’ll come back / And you’re the one who made me come back.”

– This Jamaican country song is about a man who has been in prison for 20 years and is in search of his family.


K-pop boy group G-Dragon – “Get a Grip” (aka K-Dot) “Get on your knees / I got a grip / I’ve been in jail / and I’m out / on my own.”

– A song by a group of teenage girls who are currently being held at a juvenile detention center.


Aaliyah – “Gangnam Style” (a.k.a.


“GANGNAM” (gohyun).

“It’s time for me to get a grip.”

– G-DRAGON member Aaliya Shazzar, who was arrested in 2014 and was later found guilty of attempted murder.


The Beatles – “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (The Beatles) “Can you feel the love tonight?”

– The Beatles’ “Can’t Buy Me Love.”


MØ – “What the F***” (feat.

Mädchen Amick) “It can’t be / It can’t hurt / I don’t want to die / I just want to live.”

– MÔs “What The F***?”

– This song is an anthem of independence and an inspiration to people around the world.


The Weeknd – “Royals” (A-Trak) “Royalties, I got some cash / The best money I ever made / I’m on my way back.”

(via The Weekends New Music Podcast) “This is a song for when we’re broke / We’re broke, but it’s time to break through / I can’t get out of here.”

– R&B singer A-Traks’ hit song about his struggle to find his place in the world and a message about living in love.


G-Unit – “Black Lips” (From G-Force: The Next Generation) “Black lips / Black lips on the floor / Black eyes staring back at you / You got a lot to live for / We all have to live, we all have a story.”

– Migos song.


JAYZ – “(Live at) The Shrine” (G-Unit) “No time for words / The only time you’ve got to say / This is my hometown / I need a hug / I gotta hug you.”

– Jay Z’s hit song from “The Blueprint.”


Justin Timberlake – “Diamonds” (Boys Noize) “Diamond Rings / Don’t get the hang of this shit.”

– Justin Timberlakes song about the pain he experienced during his drug use.


Lil Wayne – “No Problems” (Drake) “There’s a lot of problems / It ain’t nothing that’s going on.”

– Lil Wayne’s anthem.


Migos – “Titanium (Remix)” (from Migos: The Best of Migos) “Punk rock’s not hip hop / It’s hip hop’s not the hip hop you think.”

– Nas’ hit single.


Travi$ Scott – “Bodak Yellow” (Travi $ Scott) “Bud Light / I love that sound / Bud Light and the lightbulbs / Don t get me wrong.”

– Travios’ song.


Rihanna – “Work” (Beyonce) “Work / I work, I work / I know I got to work / But I know