Independence Day Business Antigua and Barbuda independence day: What to know

Antigua and Barbuda independence day: What to know

Antiguan independence day marks the 75th anniversary of independence from British rule and the country’s first independent parliament, which was elected in 1967.

Antiguans and Barbudians also mark the 72nd anniversary of the end of the civil war in neighbouring Grenada and the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Here are some things to know about the island nation’s Independence Day: What is independence day?

Antiguoans and others in the Caribbean are celebrating independence on April 4, a day long commemorative to the historic liberation of their country from British colonial rule in 1898.

The date falls on the 70th anniversary this year of the United Nations’ International Court of Justice ruling that the Barbuda colony was illegally occupied by Britain.

The court ruled in a decision that Britain illegally occupied the island for the purpose of controlling its resources.

In 2015, the island was re-united under British rule under the British crown.

In 2018, the British government declared the island independent of the British Crown.

Why does Antiguana and Barbudos independence day fall on the anniversary of this ruling?

The decision came after decades of diplomatic efforts to end British rule.

But the British did not agree to change the date, the head of the island’s national council said.

British officials told the BBC that they are still waiting to see the results of an independent referendum that would change the anniversary.

In 2017, the independence date was changed from April 4 to April 5.

But that did not affect the date of the independence ceremony itself.

The independence day celebration is the culmination of a number of events.

First, in 2013, the United States officially recognised Antiguidans and their government as an independent nation.

Then in 2015, Antiguvians voted overwhelmingly in favour of a constitutional amendment to make Antiguda and Barbados a sovereign nation.

Finally, in 2017, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed a declaration recognising the islands independence as an international recognition of a nation.

The UK also recognises Antigunas independence day as a global day of action.

What is the date for Antigües independence day on April 5?

Antiga Day is the main date for the independence day celebrations in Antigús and Barbuds.

It falls on April 6.

What are the celebrations in Barbados?

The island has its own national day on March 9.

The national day is held annually to mark the end in the history of Barbados of a civil war between colonial and nationalist forces.

On April 5, the National Day Association of Barbuda and Antigugans (NDAAB) celebrated the anniversary with a day of activities in Barbadoes capital.

What do you need to know before April 5 in Barbuda?

The government in Barbudas capital, Port-au-Prince, has a number different days of celebration on the island, which is usually known as the “third island”.

These days include the annual Independence Day parade in front of the national museum, the Independence Day fireworks display, and the first national holiday, the Day of the Great Tree, which lasts from March 14 to May 14.