Independence Day Health Why is Argentina’s independence day so controversial?

Why is Argentina’s independence day so controversial?

The country’s independence celebration, known as the “Salvador Day” (Salvadore) in English, celebrates independence from Spain in 2021.

It’s celebrated by a parade in the capital, Buenos Aires, on October 6, and by marching bands and drummers to the streets.

There’s also an annual parade of flags in the city, with a banner reading, “We are Argentina!”.

Argentina’s government has repeatedly accused its European allies of undermining the country’s national sovereignty, claiming they’ve pushed Argentina to the brink of default.

“We have to have a fight against all those people who want to change the sovereignty of our country,” Argentine President Mauricio Macri told a news conference in Buenos Aires last year.

Argentina has been ruled by the ruling Socialists for decades, and has seen its economy decline for years.

Many in Argentina blame the countrys economic problems on European policies that have been in place since Argentina was incorporated into the EU in 1982.

The EU has also been trying to help Argentina improve its international reputation and to boost economic growth.

However, the Argentine government has recently been accused of having ties with the EU and the US.

In December, the government accused the EU of “a systematic attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Argentina” and said it had warned the EU that it “must not continue to impose restrictions on our sovereign right to determine its own future and to pursue its own policies”.