Independence Day Health When Scotland will become independent: Who is leading the debate

When Scotland will become independent: Who is leading the debate

Today, Scotland will vote on independence.

But not all the political leaders of the United Kingdom are united in their support for the move.

Here are some of the key figures backing independence: 1.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour leader is leading a coalition of more than 100 Labour MPs, trade unionists, and academics who are campaigning to be the main voice on the issue.

Corbyn is the only member of the Labour Party to support independence, which would give him a clear majority in parliament.


Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

The Liberal Democrats are in a coalition with the Conservatives and the SNP to oppose independence.


Labour’s Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale.

Dugdale has the backing of almost all Scottish Labour MPs and has said she wants to avoid a “disastrous split” with the UK. 4.

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall.

Nuttall is the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which has a history of opposing independence and has previously backed Scottish Labour and the Conservatives.

UKIP has called for Scotland to remain in the UK despite the vote for independence.


Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson.

Davidson has led the Conservatives in the Scottish Parliament since 2015, and has been a strong supporter of independence.


Scottish Labour leader Keir Starmer.

Starmer has been the shadow home secretary for Scotland since 2015 and has called on her party to back Scottish independence.


SNP leader Angus Robertson.

Robertson is the former SNP leader who led the SNP in a leadership campaign against independence last year.

He said he supported independence, but would like to see it approved by parliament.


Liberal Democrats’ leader, Tim Farren.

Farren has said he wants to see a vote on Scottish independence approved by the UK Parliament, but has not ruled out a referendum.


UKIP’s Scottish MEP, Stewart Hosie.

Hosie is the UKIP MEP for the north of England.

He has previously supported Scottish independence, calling it a “very good thing”.


Scottish Green Party leader and Scottish Labour Party member, John Lamont.

Lamont is the Green Party’s co-leader.


UKIP member, Richard Leonard.

Leonard is UKIP’s parliamentary candidate in Glasgow.

He is an ally of Farron and has campaigned for Scottish independence for the past five years.


UKIP party members, John Nicolson, Nicola Blackwood and Chris Kirkham.

Nicolson is the party’s general secretary.

Kirkham is a Scottish National Party (SNP) activist.


Liberal Democratic Party of Scotland (LD), Tim Farrier.

Farrier is the LD’s general director.


Scottish Greens’ Caroline Lucas.

Lucas is a former deputy leader of Scotland’s Greens.


SNP’s Alex Salmond.

Salmond is the SNP’s first minister.


SNP member, Joanna Norris.

Norris is an SNP member in Aberdeen.

She is a long-time member of Scottish Labour.


UKIP MEP and Labour member, James Wilson.

Wilson is the Labour MEP for Scotland and former deputy chair of Scottish Conservatives.


SNP members, David Shoebridge, Peter Kyle and Andrew Faulds.

Shoebridges is an Edinburgh-based Labour activist.


Liberal Dems’ candidate, Alex Rowley.

Rowley is the Liberal Democrats candidate for Glasgow West.


UKIP members, Joanne Howarth, Jojo Bennett, Simon Burns, and John Wilson.

Howarth is an Aberdeen-based Conservative activist.


SNP supporters, Nicola Robertson and Simon Ward.

Robertson and Ward are both SNP members.


Labour party member, Paul Flynn.

Flynn is a Conservative activist and member of UKIP’s group in the North of England, the Scottish Greens.


SNP supporter, Alex Ward.

Ward is a Glasgow-based SNP activist and former Scottish Labour candidate.


Labour members, Jack Gorman, James Scott and James Graham.

Gorman is an MEP for England and Wales.

Scott is a member of Labour in Glasgow West and Graham is an MP for Glasgow East.


Conservative Party member Jack Dannatt.

Dannatatt is a Tory activist and the leader for Glasgow South West.


Scottish Socialist Party member and former SNP candidate, Richard Boyd.

Boyd is a SNP activist.


Scottish Liberal Democrat Party member (left), Ian Davidson.

David Davidson is a Liberal Democrat candidate for Holyrood.


SNP candidate for London, Mark Robertson.

His campaign website says he is “a proud supporter of Scotland” and is “fully committed to the people of Scotland.”


Scottish Tory candidate, Joe Davidson.

A spokesperson for the Tory campaign said that “it is not yet clear whether Mr Davidson is backing a Yes vote or a No vote on the independence issue, but he has expressed support for independence from a position of considerable political responsibility.”


Scottish Conservatives’ candidate for Edinburgh West, Ian Davidson, has been called “a