Independence Day Featured Belgian president calls independence day ‘great day’ for Kosovo

Belgian president calls independence day ‘great day’ for Kosovo

Belgium’s president said on Wednesday independence day was “great day” for Kosovar Albanians, calling it a “victory for the entire Balkans” and “the beginning of a new era”.

The announcement was made during a visit to Kosovaris Kosovo independence Day, a commemoration of independence from Serbia.

The president of the Balkan country, Dimitrij Kostunica, also called it a victory for the whole Balkans.

The day of independence is celebrated in Kosovo, where Kosovars are seeking to be independent of Serbia.

It is also seen as a “once in a lifetime” event in the country, which has been under Serbian rule since 1912.

The Serbian-Albanian conflict, which is believed to have been sparked by the Albanian invasion of Kosovo in the 1990s, has killed some 300,000 people.

The EU has warned that if Kosovo were to fall into a state of “total disintegration” it would become a failed state and trigger a Balkan war.