Independence Day Download What you need to know about the independence day event in Belgium

What you need to know about the independence day event in Belgium

If you’re a fan of Independence Day celebrations, Belgium is your new favorite place to visit.

From its famous fireworks displays to its colorful streets and restaurants, Belgium has something for everyone.

Here’s everything you need know about what’s happening on the anniversary of the independence of the country from France.

Belgium’s Independence Day celebrates the end of the Second World War.

Here are some things to know: The anniversary of Belgium’s independence is the biggest and most significant event of the year in Belgium, commemorating the end years of the first and second world wars.

The country has been an independent state since 1975, and the end-of-the-war celebrations were celebrated on June 22.

The date was chosen by the Belgian parliament as a symbolic way of acknowledging the end to a war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

This year, Belgium celebrates the centennial of its independence from France, with the celebrations expected to last at least five weeks.

This is the only time the country celebrates the independence anniversary of a foreign country.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the country hosted a series of unofficial ceremonies to mark the occasion.

These included parades and concerts, as well as a traditional fireworks display, known as the Kriek, which is set to be one of the highlights of the festival.

There are currently no official plans to hold a full Independence Day celebration, but the city of Antwerp, which hosts the main Independence Day parade, has hosted a few smaller events over the years.

Some of the celebrations take place on the banks of the Seine, while others take place in the city center.

There is also a huge fireworks display in Antwerps historic city center, where it’s held every year.

There’s also a celebration of the Independence Day in the capital, Brussels, and in the French capital, Paris.

Antwerpes Independence Day, known locally as Independence Day Friday, is the day when the city celebrates the occasion by hosting an unofficial celebration.

The celebrations are usually held in Antibes Square, but they also can be held elsewhere in the town.

The fireworks display will be the main highlight of the event, with over 10,000 fireworks projected at various locations throughout the city.

The festivities take place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with over 400,000 people expected to attend.

There will be several events that are scheduled throughout the day, including a traditional street festival and concerts.

There also will be a traditional Independence Day fireworks display at 7 p, with around 1,000 rockets being launched, according to the Belgian Broadcasting Corporation.

In Belgium, Independence Day is celebrated on the first Monday of May every year, the date being chosen because of the significance of the events.

The last day of May in Belgium is called Independence Day Saturday, and people are allowed to gather in the streets on the last Monday of June.

You can visit the city’s Independence Square to get a better view of the fireworks display.

The Independence Day events take place over several days, but in some places, people are permitted to celebrate it on the day of their birthday, even if they’re not officially celebrating the anniversary.

Some areas have even allowed people to skip the traditional birthday celebrations altogether.

In many European countries, people celebrate Independence Day on the following day.

The official Independence Day event in Brussels is the Brussels-Belgium Independence Day Parade, which takes place on June 20, although the parade is usually scheduled to take place the day after.

The parade starts in the Belgian capital’s central square at 10 a,m.

and ends in the historic Place de la Concorde in the center of the city, a historic landmark that has been home to Belgium’s Queen Elizabeth II since 1936.

This will be Belgium’s largest Independence Day Celebration, with up to 3,000 participants, according the city government.

The celebration will include fireworks, music, food, and speeches by Belgian politicians and officials.

There were also many other events on the streets of Belgium.

Some streets, like the Boulevard de la Francophonie, have been renamed for the event.

The street in central Brussels is known as Independence Square.

It was named after the street where Charles de Gaulle was shot dead in 1968, in what was widely considered the most infamous assassination in history.

Some celebrations have taken place in central Paris, such as the Grand Prix, the annual street race.

In Brussels, Independence Week is a major festival celebrating the country’s independence from the rest of the European Union.

On June 22, a national holiday is observed, as Belgium celebrates its independence.

During the Independence Week festivities, some of Belgiums top celebrities and political figures will be present, and many Belgians will also be celebrating.

The event will also feature the opening of the new parliament building, which was completed in 2015.

For those who wish to take a stroll around Brussels during Independence Week, there are many walking trails throughout