Independence Day Featured Afghanistan independence day celebrations spark a trade war

Afghanistan independence day celebrations spark a trade war

A trade war has begun in Zambia as trade between the two countries is severely curtailed and the country’s president is demanding an apology.

Zambia’s president, Julius Nyerere, on Wednesday issued a statement calling on the international community to acknowledge that Zambia’s independence day was the day that Zambias independence from Britain was achieved.

“This independence day in our country was not celebrated in a pompous way, nor was it a day of celebration,” he said.

“This independence is not celebrated as a day for celebration but for freedom, independence and justice.

It was a day to celebrate the achievement of the freedom of our people and our people’s right to self-determination,” Nyereres statement said.

In Zambia, independence day is celebrated on the 19th of May.

However, Zambias parliament on Thursday passed a resolution demanding an “immediate” apology from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the trade blockade.

In response, the Zambia central bank on Thursday said it was not prepared to take the issue to the IMF, saying Zambia had the right to decide how to react.

The country’s finance minister, Rimbolu Rolowiyama, on Friday urged Zambia to immediately end the trade boycott.ZAMBIA independence day celebrationZambias President Nyererem, who had already called on the world to “recognise and respect Zambias independence day” on Monday, on Tuesday called for an “urgent” meeting with the IMF in London, according to a news report.

Nyerere said the IMF should apologise for the blockade and for not fulfilling its obligations to Zambia and other countries.

“We demand that they apologise to us, to the people, and to the government, as they have done to many countries who were deprived of their independence day,” Nyreres statement read.

The BBC reported that the IMF was not ready to respond to the request, and it did not respond to a request for comment.

Zimbabwean independence dayThe Zambia government said on Wednesday that the celebrations for the nation’s independence were not the first time the two nations celebrated independence from British rule, and that it had not celebrated the day before.

“The independence of Zimbabwe is the first and only occasion that Zambian people have celebrated the countrys independence and independence day.

We did not celebrate this independence day before,” a statement from the president’s office said.

Zamberana’s independence celebration in the capital HarareIn a video released by the ruling Zamberana Party on Wednesday, Zimbabwean independence celebrations were staged on the streets of the capital, Harare.

Zandaamana, who took power in 2009, said he wanted to highlight the country is still in a state of transition and said it is not a day that should be celebrated.

The celebrations came a day after Zimbabwe’s ruling Zama Zainoui’s government said it would ban the celebrations of independence from Zambia.

The statement said Zandaamanas government was seeking to protect Zimbabweans independence.