Independence Day Business How to help an independence day party in the South

How to help an independence day party in the South

A pro-independence party has gathered supporters for a public rally in the south of the state to call for a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

The No vote is due on September 17.

In a Facebook post on Friday, the party said it had received over 50,000 signatures from supporters.

“This is an opportunity to unite the South, and build a movement of strength and solidarity across the state,” it said.

“We are united by a shared desire to make sure the Yes vote is a reality, and that it is carried out by a democratic, independent and democratic-minded electorate.”

It is our duty to protect this moment of hope for our people.

“A number of other No campaigns have been gaining momentum in recent weeks.

One of the biggest, called the One South Yes campaign, is set to open its doors at the state’s parliament in Melbourne on Saturday.

The event will include an appearance by Mr Abbott and Senator Scott Ludlam, the Liberal Party leader.

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