Independence Day Business How to be the best Lithuania independence day cheerleader

How to be the best Lithuania independence day cheerleader

Antigua and Barbuda has become the first Caribbean country to celebrate its independence day.

The country declared independence from Britain in 1959, and became independent in 1971.

Since then, it has been a member of the European Union.

A recent poll by Ipsos MORI found that 51% of people in the island are in favour of independence, while 41% oppose.

The number of people opposed to independence has risen to 68%, compared to 45% in favour.

Ipsos MORi director David Jones said the survey showed people were more open to the idea of the island becoming independent in the future.

“They’re not in favour by a landslide, but there are more of them than people in favour,” he said.

The poll found that the country’s two main political parties, the National Liberation Front of the United States of America and the Democratic Liberation Front, both support independence.

The National Liberation front wants the island to be a full member of Nato and has long advocated for the island’s independence.

The Democratic Liberation front is a more traditional opposition party, but it is the largest group in the country.

The main opposition group, the People’s Liberation Front for the Liberation of the Philippines, which represents some 20,000 people, also wants to become a full-fledged country.

Its leader, Ramon Guzman, said he believed there was an opportunity to unite the country by embracing independence.

“We can have a very close and meaningful relationship with a member state that has the right to independence,” he told the BBC.

Imba Pineda, director of Ipsos Mori, said it was hard to predict the future of the independence movement in Antiguas country.

“I think it is going to be hard to determine what is going on, especially in the short-term because there is a lot of uncertainty,” he explained.

“In the long-term, I think the question will be what is the long term role of Antiguan independence and who is going be the main actor in that.”