Independence Day Featured What does the world needs to know about the new Romanian independence day?

What does the world needs to know about the new Romanian independence day?

By now you’ve probably heard that Romania’s independence day is happening on February 22nd.

It is an international day of celebration for a country that, since it’s creation in 1918, has been a staunch supporter of the European Union.

Romania’s independence will be celebrated on the day after the inauguration of the new government in Bucharest. 

The day is traditionally celebrated with a large rally and march in Buchawerce. 

I thought this was a pretty good idea, and so I decided to do something about it, even though I didn’t know how to do it.

The day of celebrations will be a huge opportunity for a lot of different people, especially those who are less well-known.

I have done a little research on the topic, and found out that Romania was the first country in Europe to have its independence recognised by the EU.

In addition, Romania has a long history of independence movements.

There are still a lot people in Romania who want to see their country recognised as an independent nation, so I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

As soon as the government was elected, a large group of people in Buchay said they wanted to hold a large march and rally to mark the occasion.

So I decided that I would start with an invitation for participants to send me their suggestions.

Many people told me they would love to organise a march and march with me.

I was not really sure how I would do that, so a lot more people started to come forward.

So, I thought, why not start with a big rally and rally with a number of different groups to make a big difference to the independence movement.

I got an idea from my friend.

He suggested I start organising a march for the whole country.

I thought it would be really good if everyone could participate.

So, I decided the organisers of the march would be people who are involved in the movement to recognise Romania’s national independence. 

We decided to name it Romania’s Independence Day, because it would also be the birthday of the country’s founder, Constantin Iliescu, who was born on January 19th, 1874.

Our idea was that Romania would be the first of several countries to celebrate the occasion, and people would be able to send their ideas to the organisers and they would pass on them to the participants.

On the evening of the 24th of February, I invited all of my participants to attend a large parade in Buchașovac and the next day march in central Bucharest to mark this historic occasion.

We also decided that it would probably be better if people were able to have a little bit of free time during this period, because that would allow them to come together and participate in the march.

We also decided to organise an event at the end of the day to celebrate independence.

People came up from all over Romania to participate in this event.

People from the whole of Romania joined the parade, including the president of Romania.

He was a big supporter of Romania’s sovereignty and independence, and we saw a lot to celebrate.

This was a huge success, and the result is a march that is now known as the “Romanian Independence Day”.

In fact, it’s the largest demonstration that has ever been organised in Romania.

What is the main idea behind the march?

The march was organised by the Romanian National Party. 

It was decided that this was the biggest march that Romania has ever seen, so we decided to make it a massive event. 

This was because it was the anniversary of the founding of Romania, and it was also the date that Romania will be the 21st state of the EU, after the UK, Canada and France. 

On that day, we decided that the march should be attended by the entire Romanian people.

So that we could celebrate the independence of Romania on February 23rd.

One of the main issues that people had with the idea of the independence march was that it could be seen as a provocation, but I believe that the message was very clear.

Romania is a very proud nation and we are very proud of our independence, so it was important for people to be able get behind it.

This was the main message of the rally. 

What happened on the march and what went on during it?

On February 22, people marched in Buchan and central Buchaşovac.

About 1,000 people participated, and around 300,000 were watching the event online.

About 3,000 participants were there for the march, but only about 200 of them showed up for the actual march. 

After the march was over, the participants gathered for a press conference to explain what they were up to, what was happening on the streets, and what people were thinking about the independence day.

There was an important discussion about whether Romania was ready for independence, as well as about how to mark it.

Many people