Independence Day Featured How to celebrate independence day in Zambia

How to celebrate independence day in Zambia

Zambia’s independence day was on Saturday (15 April) but the celebration is unlikely to attract much attention in the West African nation.

The country has been divided for nearly a century between two governments, and this is the first time in more than a century that a country has had a day without a government.

But on the eve of the Independence Day, Zambia celebrated its independence by eating cake.

The BBC reports the country has one of the highest rates of obesity in Africa.

The cake is traditionally eaten during the first of the month.

The country’s government said in a statement on Facebook that it “has decided to celebrate its independence day with cake.”

The cake was sold in the Zambian market at a price of about US$6 ($4.10) per kilogram ($20 US).

The BBC says the cake is a symbol of pride for Zambia.

It has been celebrated as Zambia became independent in 1964.

The first cake to be sold in Zambias market was in 2013.

The BBC reports that the cake, which costs about US $6, was made with coconut oil, wheat flour, coconut oil and a chocolate filling.

The BBC also reports that Zambia is home to the world’s biggest chocolate factory and the country’s largest chocolate market.

The government has not announced the number of people who have purchased the cake.