Best Independence Day Slogans 2017 for Students and Teachers

India's Independence day is celebrated on 15th August of every year.So every year our Pm hosted Indian Flag at Red Fort Delhi.And in our Schools  our teachers and students celebrates this day with very good memories.We have provided some unique slogans down below which you can use in your school when your are going for Independence Day school rally.

Independence Day Slogans

"we can unfurl the flag as we live in an independent country."
"we celebrate our freedom on independence day."
"i feel proud for my country and happy to live in this gentry." 
 "india is independent and we are its independent citizens."
"give a big cheer, independence day is here!"
"independence day is here,come on let’s see our flag rise high"
"without freedom, no one really has a name."
"the price for independence is often isolation and solitude."
"our country is melodious tune. let’s sung together."
"no nation is perfect,it needs to be made perfect."

Final Words 

so may you all live a successful happy independent life, may you have power to overcome any difficulties and progress to your destiny,and enjoy this great  happy independence day !
Thank You

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